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Without affecting your budget show your employees how much they are appreciated by giving them the gift of relaxation. 

It is estimated that stress will cost businesses more than $300 billion annually because of lost hours due to absenteeism, increased worker compensation costs and reduced productivity.  It is also estimated that 1 million workers are absent every day from their jobs due to stress disorders or illnesses caused by stress.  This equated to over 250 million lost work days every year due to absenteeism.  

The culprit?  STRESS

Stress is an unavoidable part of our everyday lives.  Unfortunately, with the ever-increasing demands that come with managing out personal lives and our careers, we end up feeling “stressed out”.  Stress affects out bodies, behaviors and minds in many different ways. 

Our Relax at Work Wellness Program 

  • Would you like to boost morale and make positive changes to negative workplace attitudes?
  • Would you like to increase productivity and enhance your employee’s work performance?
  • Would you like to decrease your absenteeism and lower your health care costs?

Let us be a part of your workplace health and wellness solutions by scheduling a Relax at Work Office Spa Retreat today! The Spa Retreat Experience At our Relax at Work Spa Retreat, your employees will not only be pampered with some of our incredible spa treatments and services, they will also learn stress-relieving and stress management tips.  Depending on the length of session that you select for your employees, we can choose from the following treatments/services: 

  • Heated/Cooled Neck Wraps – Feel the stress and tension leave your neck and shoulders with our lavender, citrus and peppermint neck wrap.
  • Nourishing Eye Pads –   Soothe your tired, sore computer eyes with our Vitamin E-enriched comforting cucumber eye treatment.
  • Lip Masque Treatment – Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips after you exfoliate the dead skin from your lips and soothe them with a healing balm.
  • Herbal Instant Hand Manicure – Relieve tension and exfoliate dry skin from your hands.  It is sure to leave your hands soft and smooth.
  • Extreme Repair Hand Therapy – A reflexology massage on your hands with this deep repair treatment is a truly delightful experience.
  • Stress Reduction Through Deep Breathing and Visualization – We teach the importance of reducing stress through simple deep breathing and visualization exercises.  Your employees will feel relaxed, refreshed and renewed in just a few short minutes!

We provide this important workplace wellness program as a service to the businesses in the many communities across the world.  By working together, we can help enrich the lives of your employees by increasing their awareness of how important taking time out for themselves can be to their health and well-being.  Enquire to see if we are in your community.

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Providing Stress Reduction Plus Health & Wellness Solutions 

Let us be a part of your workplace health and wellness! 

The Spa Retreat Experience 

At our Relax at Work Spa Retreat, your employees will not only be pampered with some of our incredible spa treatments and services, they will also learn stress-relieving and stress management tips.  The group sessions can be 30 or 45 minutes long. 

Soothing music plays lightly in the background creating an atmosphere of relaxation. Employees are invited to come in and de-stress. 

  • A break room with access to a sink and microwave is the best place to hold your Spa Escape. A conference room or other room with enough space for a small table and 8 – 15 chairs depending on the size of your group chairs may also be used.

Corporate Spa Retreat Rates: 

We will work with your business according to your company budget. 

Additional Office Spa Retreat Options 

  • Gift Certificates – allow your employees to take home these great spa treatments to pamper themselves year around.  We have gift certificates available in any denomination.
  • Spa Gift Bags – give your employees a great gift to say thank you for all that they do.  Each gift set is custom made for you. They prices range between $15 and $150.

The $15 Spa Gift Set includes….

  • A soothing candle
  • Bath Mineral Treatment to take home & experience
  • A pair of Spa Socks
  • Herbal Serenity Peppermint Foot Creme
  • A Gift Certificate for a personal 1-hour spa appointment plus free gift

Please let us know if you are interested in adding any of these extra options at the time of your Office Retreat Spa reservation. 

How can a Spa Escape at Work Benefit Your Office? 

Did you know that STRESS is a large factor in low productivity, unhappy employees, sickness, and much more? 

Increase your company’s productivity, decrease sick time taken, and have happier, more productive employees…by bringing the Spa Escape to your office! 

Say “Thank You” to your employees for their hard work and dedication. Your staff is invaluable to your business and your company.  Treat them well and they will be with you for many years to come! 

The Spa Escape At Work is is designed to help your employees de-stress and relax providing a great way to help them alleviate stress…which in turn helps you to create a more productive work environment. This SPA Escape provides a break for employees from their normal routine, and a low-cost way for you to show them you appreciate their efforts.  Our packages can be customized to fit ANY budget!  You can pamper and de-stress your entire staff for as little as $6 per employee…which includes a free spa gift bag for them to take home with them.  They will remember their special treat from their employer for a long time to come.  Isn’t that the kind of impression you want them to have? 

Our team of Spa Consultants stretch all across America and we can work with any businesses nationwide.  Because our sessions are customized for every group, we can work with ANY budget. Our main goal is pampering your employees, teaching them how to relax anytime…anywhere, and help them be more productive…all while making you look great! 

We look forward to hearing from you with ANY questions you may have in regards to scheduling your own SPA Escape at Work experience. Spa Escapes At Office Relaxation and Wellness Specialists

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We make you look great! 

We provide this important workplace wellness program to help businesses in our communities. By working together, we can help to enrich your employee’s lives by increasing their awareness of how important taking time out for “them” can be to their health and well-being. 

This is truly a win-win solution for everyone. You show them how much you appreciate them and all they do by giving them the gift of relaxation…and they benefit by learning some simple tools for managing their stress in the workplace and their daily lives…plus have an opportunity to de-stress and unwind at a relaxing spa session at the office. (Most employers enjoy the session as much as the employees do. Hey, the boss gets stressed, too!) Ultimately, you can boost morale and make positive changes to negative workplace attitudes, improve productivity, and enhance performance. 

Overcome the Top 10 Causes of Workplace Stress 

Workplace stress is on the rise and it’s costing corporate America a fortune. Some estimate that 80% of health care costs are stress related, and these expenses go right to the bottom line. 

According to, Americans spent more than $17 billion for anti-depressants and anti- anxiety drugs in 2002, up 10% from the year before and nearly 30% over a two year period. 

The Institute for Management Excellence reports that American industry spends more than $26 billion each year for medical bills and disability payments with another $10 billion for executive’s lost workdays, hospitalization, and early death. 

In addition to these staggering figures, stress takes its toll through the added costs of quality control, legal challenges, lost opportunities, poor performance, bad attitudes, and training. 

We cannot do much about the skyrocketing costs of medical care and prescription drugs, but we can take immediate action to control the top ten causes of stress as identified by The Global Business and Economic Roundtable on Addiction and Mental Health. 

The countdown is: 

10. “Workload” – Employees report that they are often stressed when they have too little or too much to do. Managers need to divide responsibilities and help employees prioritize work that must be done. Make sure you understand the impact before shifting responsibilities. Take into account the cost of stress before you increase anyone’s workload or hire more people. 

9.“Random interruptions” – Telephones, pagers, walk-in visits, and spontaneous demands from supervisors all contribute to increased stress. Time management, delegation of responsibilities, and clarification of expectations can reduce these stressors. 

8. “Pervasive uncertainty” – Stress levels increase rapidly when people are confronted by new requirements and procedures. Keeping people informed controls stress and increases productivity. Put details in a memo so they can review the facts following your explanations. 

7. “Mistrust and unfairness” – These situations keep everyone on edge, create bad attitudes, and lower productivity. It is important to keep an open line of communication to avoid misunderstanding and know what people are thinking about your decisions. Managers must consistently build trust and give equal treatment – just do the right thing. 

6. “Unclear policies and no sense of direction” – Lack of focus causes uncertainty and undermines confidence in management. You need more than a well-written policy manual. Enforcement of policies and clear communications are essential. To make sure everyone gets the message, you can repeat your explanation in a variety of ways – repetition and feedback are important. Reinforce policies through memos, articles, bulletin board postings, personal meetings, and small group discussions. 

5. “Career and job ambiguity” – If people are uncertain about their jobs and careers, there is a feeling of helplessness and of being out of control. In addition to the trusted job descriptions and annual personnel reviews, people need to understand a broad range of issues that affect the company. News of mergers, consolidations, plant closings, and restructuring contribute to a feeling of helplessness. Management must keep people informed about situations that will affect their jobs, or the rumor mill will add to an already stressful situation. 

4. “No feedback – good or bad” – People want to know whether they are meeting expectations. Consistent, written and verbal, personalized feedback is required. Some people need more attention than others, but everyone’s performance is enhanced if leaders frequently affirm individual efforts. 

3. “No appreciation” – Failure to show appreciation generates stress that endangers productivity throughout the company. There are many ways to demonstrate appreciation, but the most effective is a sincere comment about how much the person means to you and the company. 

2. “Lack of communications” – Poor communication leads to decreased performance and increased stress. Management memos and announcements work well for distributing information, but two-way conversation improves communication and solicits ideas and suggestions while reducing stress and complaints. 

1. “Lack of control” – Workplace stress is at its greatest when employees have no say regarding things that affect them. You can decrease sensitivity to all the other stressors and give a sense of being in control by involving employees in operating and administrative decisions and acting on their input. Frontline employees know what they are talking about. Listening to what they have to say reduces stress and increases productivity. 

Effective managers understand that stress control is a leadership responsibility and give it just as much attention as any other management function. 

Grasping the concepts and reducing stress one step at a time can have an amazing impact on your bottom line –and on the lives of those who do the heavy work. Spa Escapes At Your Office If you have questions or comments click here to contact us.

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Does your organization or group need a fresh, new idea for raising funds?? 

The Gift of Relaxation Gift Certificate Fundraiser is the answer! 

This program offers instant revenue to your group and your group gets 100% of the proceeds for every gift certificate sold.  The best part is, you don’t have to take orders or deliver products! 


Each gift certificate costs $20, but the value is over $125!  The gift certificate entitles the recipient and up to eight adult guests to a relaxing one hour day spa experience featuring top-quality, botanically-based spa treatments in the privacy and comfort of their own home. 

We have some great prizes and incentive gifts for the individuals participating in the fundraiser that meet or exceed their goals.  We will also work closely with you to customize this program for your group.  The gift certificates will be personalized with your organization’s name on them.  We will help make your fundraiser simple and stress free! 

Please contact us for all the documents below for a
simple way to raise money for any type or organization. 
Spa Certificates are $20 & you keep 100%! 

Example ~ 20 spa certificates sold by one person = $400 PROFIT! And the sky is the limit!  Have just 10 that each sell 20 certificates=$4000! Here is everything you will need to raise thousands of dollars! Email me for your fundraiser packet!

Fundraiser Brochure 

  • Fundraiser Brochure to use to hand out to potential organizations like Girl Scouts, Little League, Cheerleading teams, any sports teams, mission groups at church, etc…

Fundraiser Prize and Info Sheet 

  • Customize the prizes to suit the group and then use this sheet to give to the Fundraiser Group to copy and give out to each fundraiser.Fundraiser 

20 Coupons 

  • These coupons are all you need to have an easy and successful fundraiser!  No products to sell, order, and keep up with.  No profit loss if these are lost or misplaced by participants!  Just print these and have your group sell them!

Fundraiser Names SPA Tracking List 

  • Customize with the Groups Fundraiser contact information. This is the names List to give to the Fundraiser Group and have them make copies to give out to each of their fundraisers to collect the names of the Spa Coupon Recipients.


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Invite us to your Company’s Health Fair

Relax Spa ESCAPES will be happy to set up a Interactive Spa Treatment booth at your next health fair. 

GIFT for the coordinator! 

When you call us to book us for your company’s health fair, then you will receive your very own warm therapeutic neck wrap and “Spa” socks. 

Our schedules often fill fast! 

Book your appointment TODAY to secure your spot! 

Your employees will THANK you!

Audrey R. Channell, Esq.
Wallace, Jordan, Ratliff & Brandt, LLC

I just wanted to thank you and your assistant for a wonderful Administrative Professionals Day last Wednesday. Our staff thoroughly enjoyed it and raved about how much they liked it. They also liked the take home hand scrub and socks.

Thanks for making the day special for our staff!

Frances R. Finney
Principal; Gresham Elementary

“Thank you so much for pampering my faculty and staff yesterday at Gresham Elementary. Everyone enjoyed the “stress-relievers” during their breaks! The treatments were terrific and heated neck wrap, back and head massages were wonderful! Thanks also for offering some fantastic specials so everyone could recreate the spa and treat themselves to some much needed spa time over the break. I speak for all when we say THANK YOU! Have a Happy Holiday!”

TK Smith
State Farm Insurance, Owner

“I want to thank you for the fabulous experience you gave my office with the “spa at work”. It was a lot of fun- we felt like we were really in a spa! The relaxation techniques you taught us were also great. I would recommend it for any office as a special treat for the staff.”

Kay Lorino
Christian & Small Attorney’s

“Our ‘Spa ESCAPE at Work’ treat was the best Administrative Assistant’s Day that we have had. I hope that they bring you back every year.”

Thom Stevens
Cannon Financial Services

“Your spa team give first class “royal” treatment. They helped our staff de-stress and get back on track. Their service proved to be indispensable and helped us handle the heavy-duty stress of the tax season. We plan to utilize Spa ESCAPE at work this next tax season.”

John Pomeroy 
Pomeroy IT Solutions

“What a joy it was meeting your spa team! The ladies in the office all enjoyed a wonderful time of relaxation. The office staff enjoyed it so much that we have had Relax Spa Escapes back for other occasions.”

Christy Berryman
Integral Hospitality Solutions

Everyone who was treated that day totally loved the experience and talked highly of it for a long time afterwards.”
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